Psychology of Environmental Protection - Handbook for Encouraging Sustainable Actions

Karen Hamann, Anna Baumann & Daniel Löschinger

Whether we eat a vegetarian meal, ride our bikes, or install a solar panel: Constantly, we are making decisions in the interest of our environment – or not. What guides and motivates our actions is explored by environmental psychology. Based on a psychological model, this handbook about the psychology of environmental protection explains how to understand and promote sustainable actions more successfully.

It is the first book in German to summarize environmental psychology’s treasure of knowledge in a scientifically profound and practical way. Each chapter is dedicated to an important topic like self-efficacy, social norms, and emotions. Guiding questions and examples that are close to everyday life facilitate a direct implementation in environmental protection. The handbook is directed at all people that want to design their environmental projects and communication more effectively – pedagogues, urban gardeners, environmental activists, or employees of environmental organizations.